Monday, June 04, 2007

Close to home

Close to home, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

For perspective, that is our house in the distance (center of the picture). It is going to be a lot of fun having the park so close to the house.

Swing batter

Swing batter, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

Two swings and she knocked it good. Around the bases she went - with a little coaching. She really liked it. This is going to be fun!

Runnin' Home!

Runnin' Home!, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

She is Runnin' for home. She did great today playing. She got a little board in the field trying to catch a ball, but when it came time to hit, she was ready to go for it. She ran around all of the bases and made it to home. I must say, I have waited 4 years to get to see her play something like this. It was great! Thanks Michelle for letting her on your team!

What else is this thing for?

What else is this thing for?, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

LOOK! Ani is playing T-ball. Well you put 50 three-four year olds on a field and hit the ball you are bound to see it all. The kids where so funny. Ani was so excited to get there and see her new friends and play ball. She caught one of the balls hit toward her and she even hit a ball after the second swing. Of course, one of her newest friends is a boy, Ryan. His mom is standing behind Ani holding, Logan. I think Ruston might be a little sweet on her! Older women already!

I can WALK!

I can WALK!, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

If there is ever a time to look at your babies and realize how much they have changed and how quickly they have done it, it is when they start to walk. Ruston started willing walking to where he wanted this week. He is walking about 2 months earlier than Ani did. Like I have said so many times, these two are as different as they could be. He is ready for his Second hair cut and is growing so fast. I love every stage, but I do miss my little baby. He just didn't stay one long enough. I love that he has stayed a Momma's boy longer than Ani did. So much has changed in the year he has been he, it doesn't seem fair. Fortunately, I have already met some new friends here and we should be able to throw him a great little party at the park, amazingly in just a few more weeks!


Mommmmm!, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

She had a blast at the graduation. She is turning into such a big girl. She has such a strong personality, yeah, that is a nice way to put it. Fortunately most everyone else sees this beautiful, sweet, amazing, spirited, happy little girl. I will leave it at that and not mention the temper that comes with this determination. Even if I could I would not take it away from her. The strength she has to fight for what she wants is something that I have always fought to find within myself. I know it will serve her well and help he achieve things that seem impossible, I just have to figure out how to "channel" that energy and strength while making her understand the rules we all have to follow. Wish me luck!

Soooo sleepy

Soooo sleepy, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

Ruston had fun at the graduation, but didn't last five minutes in the truck. . . .

Thank you, Thank you

Thank you, Thank you, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

This Friday was the pre-school graduation for the kids in Ani's school. The whole pre-school class got on stage and sang songs for us. It was really cute. Somehow, Ani ended up right in the center of the stage. After each song she was the ONLY one who bowed! She waved to us and said Hi to Ruston from the stage. She was pretty adorable, Virgel and I spent the whole time laughing! I have always known she was a little thing, but seeing her on stage with all the other kids, I realized how little she really is. She was the shortest one. Unfortunately, she is also starting to realize it. She has told me several times lately that she is growing to be big and tall like all the other kids. Even though she may know it, it doesn't seem to make her shy - not with that bow!

I'm ready

I'm ready, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

We went shopping for some new clothes. She found this hat and just had to have it. What can I say, she is cute!

I'm Not supposed to jump on the bed?

My cute little guy loves to jump on the bed after he has his diaper changed. He usually doesn't wait to get his pants back on!

My cuties

My cuties, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

Ani and Ruston get along so well, . . . . most of the time! Ani was on the computer talking to her best friend Brad. They love to see each other on the computer. If you have a video cam on your computer down load SKYPE and give us a hollar!

Look Ma' No hands!

Look Ma' No hands!, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

By June 4th Ruston could stand up on his own! He wont take a step, but he can't be far from it.