Monday, July 24, 2006

Chubby cheeks

Ruston enjoyed the day at the park. He got a little warm so he ended up spending the day in just his diaper! Can you believe how chubby his little cheeks are already?? Posted by Picasa

Parrot Fish

A parrot fish up close. The are really pretty fish. The other ones are a brilliant color blue. Posted by Picasa

A Lagoon of Parrot Fish

The Theater of the Sea has a beach side lagoon filled with parrot fish that you can swim with and feed. Ani liked the fish but was a little afraid. The fish will get close enough to you, especially when you feed them, that you can pet them. Ani reached for one, but changed her mind before she touched it. She did enjoy feeding them. Posted by Picasa

Sea Turtles

This is one of the many sea turtles at the Theater of the Sea. They have rescued many of them from the area, restored their health and released them. Of course, a few have become permanent residents due to injuries. Plastic is the biggest cause of their injuries. Posted by Picasa

First Family Picture

We finally had our first family picture taken this weekend. We went to the Theater of the Sea in Islamorada so Ani could see the dolphins. We had a really good time so we went back the next day. Our season passes are coming in handy! Posted by Picasa