Saturday, May 12, 2007

No this wasn't taken in Nebraska

shark2, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

Not long before we moved Virgel and Joe went fishing. Virgel actually caught this shark. He was totally exhausted when they got back to the house. Now all I hear is how he has "Conquered the seas!"
I lost track of the picture, a fact that Virgel has not lost track of! Now are you happy Virgel? Your shark is on my blog!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

I have CABINETS!!!

kitchen 1, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

yeah! It is stating to look like a kitchen. The cabinets are almost all installed. There is one pantry cabinet that goes on the right side of the photo where you see the unfinished back of a small cabinet. My stove (gas!!) goes on the back wall with my sink under the window. They should start putting the tile countertop on this week or next. Our hardware, (knobs, etc) should be next week. Would you like me to send you our leftovers,Virginia, at least o you take the tape off of a couple of drawers! Love ya and your tape handles! ;).

Another view

kitchen 2, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

Just another picture from the far side of the living room.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Congratulations Ginger, Guy, Kate and Keira

Congratulations on the arrival of you new little girl, Lucy! I can't wait to see a picture her. I know she is beautiful!


IMG_7133.JPG, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

Pudding is o.k. isn't it? It made him happy and that is the important part. I love his chubby little cheecks. They are great to kiss and squeeze. He get so excited when I pick him up from school or when I come home from work. He just wants to be held and hugged - then get into something his isn't suppose to. It is hard to yell as such a cutie.

sleepy girl

IMG_7149.JPG, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

Ani fell asleep right after Ruston. She has also been struggling with her allergies. It was pretty nice, both of them were asleep my 7:45! Wow. That feels wierd. Virgel and I sat on the couch and watched an entire hour long TV show, which out having to move for anything - nothing, no drink, potty, diaper, food, or to yell - No, Ruston. We say that a lot. He has to be into something. . .


IMG_7144.JPG, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

He didn't make it much longer. . .


IMG_7143.JPG, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

My beautiful, sleepy sick boy. He was getting over a sinus infection. He got my allergies, poor thing.


IMG_7131.JPG, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

I can eat corn. Well we are in Nebraska, aren't we?


IMG_7118.JPG, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

They had a special event at school where all the kids wore these yellow shirts. I just wish I could have got them to look at the camera. I guess I can't be too picky at 6 in the morning!

I shake my butt!

IMG_7114.JPG, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

If there is one thing Ani does well it is shake her butt! Oh my. You can't see motion in the photograph, but I think you get the idea.

my boys!

IMG_7098.JPG, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

Enough said isn't it. Virgel is going to kill me when he finds out I posted this picture with his lovely hair do! I can't resist. They both just woke up.

Thank you Mrs. Tuwanna

IMG_7087.JPG, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

Ani loves her dress up clothes that Mrs. Tuwanna bought for Ani's birthday. The fan from her friend John is extra fun!


IMG_7094.JPG, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

Lots of giggles from a little boy. Isn't he adorable???

Uncle Bob!!

IMG_7081.JPG, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

It was most awesome to have a chance to see my little brother on our trip to Nebraska. We didn't get to see him long, but we had the opportunity to have breakfast together. I haven't seen him for a couple of years and it was the first time he was able to see Ruston. It was cold that morning - it was a taste of what was to come in Nebraska. Thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to see us. I miss you and love you a bunch, Bob.


kitchen, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

A sad kitchen without cabinets. I have some now and it looks awesome. We went tonight and most of the cabinets are up. It looks awesome. Of course, I didn't have my camera, so I have to go back tomorrow!

Livingroom from kitchen

Livingroom from kitchen, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

Paint, we have paint!! If you saw the color of our kitchen in Key Largo, this is pretty close to the same color. This photo is from the kitchen to the living room.

Downstairs from open area opposite of room 1

View from the opposite side down stairs. You are looking toward the first bedroom. The door at the edge of the photo is the hall way to upstairs, laundry and Virgel's room. The second bedroom is off the to right and out of view in this picture. The light from the left is the french doors that will open to the back yard.

Downstairs bedroom 2 - my scraproom

Now this really is the most important room - my scrap room. It may be a little smaller than Virgel's, but I got a window!!!

Virgel's room downstairs - not a bedroom, no window

What Virgel believes to the most important room in the house. The garage is next!

Downstairs bedroom 1

Downstairs bedroom 1, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

Bedroom one downstairs. I basically turned around from the last photo.

Open area downstairs from bedroom 1

This is downstairs looking towards bedroom 2. The open door to the left is the entry to the downstairs bathroom. The hall opens to the left past the post. The hall opens to the stairs, then my laundry room, then Virgel's room. It isn't considered a bedroom since it doesn't have any windows. The open door off to the far wall is bedroom 2 - my scrap room!!!

house front

house front, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

A view from the front. The road still isn't there and will not be until late this summer! Yeah for us and muddy feet!!!

house front2

house front2, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

We have BRICK!!! Now that looks better.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Getting there

Well, I am actually getting photos posted, finally. I am not sure why the pictures are getting cropped, I gotta figure that one out! Oh, well, you get the idea!

Papaw and his babies

Papaw and his babies, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

Papaw had a great time playing with Ani and Ruston during our pit stop in Arkansas on our way to Nebraska. Hopefully, he has caught up on his rest!

What is going on here!

What is going on here!, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

Are you kidding me! I am stuck here with a bunch of girls and they are crazy! I know if Ruston could talk, he would be saying something like that. They all had such fun playing in the Dora tree house that the Easter Bunny brought Courtney. So, Benita, is it still in your living room???

First cut!

IMG_6990.JPG, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

Ruston's first hair cut. He really needed one. We waited until we were able to visit Mamaw Naomi in Gloster. She gave Ani her first hair cut and we wanted her to give Ruston his. He was pretty cute. He sat in the chair like a big boy, but everytime Naomi got some hair to cut, he tried to look up at what she was doing. I had to distract him so he wouldn't look up! He looked so cute with his hair trimmed so nice!


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

IMG_6978.JPG on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

IMG_6978.JPG on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
O.k here is an attempt from flickr. . .

oh the frustration

So getting a new computer is frustrating enough, but changing to a MAC is killing me. At least as far as blogging goes. My favorite program, Picasa is not compatable. So, what is? I am still looking. I found one, but getting it to work is another issue. So, for now I am just using blogger, which is more time consuming that picasa was, so bare with me. I have lots of pictures from our trip here and hopefully some day I will get them on here, so now here is ONE easter picture!