Saturday, May 02, 2009

New computer on it's way!

I am so excited. I am getting my own laptop! I was very happy about putting our old computer in my scrap room and setting it up. It will not connect to the internet anymore, but that was o.k. I wanted to be able to print stuff for my scrapbooks and pictures. I also was thinking of getting the Cricut Design studio to connect my cricut to the computer - way cool. So, I couldn't wait and bought it. Unfortunately, when I loaded it I found that our old computer no longer had the right version of Windows - major bummer. So, Virgel agreed to a brand new computer for me! Yippeee. I can't wait. I have been bummed out since we bought the Apple, since Picasa isn't compatible with it and I LOVE using picasa. So, now I get picasa back, internet, connection to my Cricut and printers. He said happy Mother's day after I ordered it. Definitely! Exactly what I wanted. . . . . Hopefully I will blog more often now since picasa makes it easier. And it will make scrapping easier too! By the way I am on Face book now. Oh how silly!