Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Forever changed

It was 6:30 in the morning 21 years ago when our lives were forever changed. We were all up getting ready for another normal, regular, routine day of school. None of that was going to happen. I thought it was strange when the phone rang, but not all that strange. The man on the other end asked me if Mom lived there. "No" I answered, she had moved out. "She doesn't live here anymore" Confused, he asked if her husband was there. Of course, the poor gentlemen was asking questions that were more difficult to answer than he thought. Mom and Dad were divorcing, so to a fifteen year old, was Dad still her husband? With a longer pause than he wanted on one of the most difficult phone calls he was ever to make, I answered, with "Yes, but he is busy getting ready for work and in the shower." Growing impatient with my less than desirable, yet honest answers, he pleaded to speak with him and that it was important. I knew Dad wasn't that happiest in the morning, so I thought it would be better for him to call back. It was then, and only then that the man on the other end of the phone made it very clear that he was going to talk to Dad, it was important and about Mom. It sank in, something was wrong. I ran to the other end of the house, and handed the phone to Dad while he was still brushing he hair, just out of the shower. I never heard the words. I didn't know what he said to Dad. I stood there, I saw it on his face, I knew she was gone. I knew it was forever. We cried together and instantly my brother and sister were there. With the words, "Mom is gone" we cried.

Life changed forever. What came before can not be changed. What came after can not either. Life is each day each moment, each decision, regret, joy, happiness, saddness, pleasure, guilt, friendship, struggle, passion, love and everything in between. Enjoy it all.
I love you, Momma!

Monday, January 10, 2011

We got speeeeeeeeddddd!

Ok. so we went for the four wheeler ride, we found sleds, but when we saw someone else pulling the tube, we thought, yep! That looks like fun.
Here we go!
Holly cow, they had a blast. Virgel rode them up and down the hill they yelled the entire time and had a total blast! Now, you know, these are great in the water, frozen or not!
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A beautiful tree

Don't be surprised if you see this as the Christmas card background next year! I thought it was so pretty in the distance.
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The statue in the bushes can barely be seen. It was here when we bought the house and I almost forgot it was there. It surprised me a little when I looked at the bushed all covered with snow and saw just the face peaking out. I thought it was pretty. Virgel laughed at me for taking another picture of snow on plants. . . .
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He wanted a little snowman, smaller than him. So he got one! It may be a silly little snowman, but it made my little guy happy!
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And we were off

Down the hill we go. Ani didn't like the walk back up, but the sled down was GREAT!
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Needed more weight!

He couldn't go too far. He needs a little more weight. He was o.k. though, still giggling.
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Yep we were having a blast! Our neighbors let us borrow sleds and down our hill we went!
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Snow tree

I hope that you enjoy your day off as much as we are enjoying ours. The kids are at a perfect age to really enjoy the snow, and so today, that is just what we are doing! I hope you are staying safe and warm wherever you are.
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my morning, peaceful snow.
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Found beauty

My hydrangea hasn't looked so good since the end of the summer, but it honestly is beautiful this morning.
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Bit the dust

They both fell off the side walk as soon as they stepped outside. They sort of forgot there was stuff under all that snow!
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Simply beautiful

Appreciating the little things. . .
It isn't exactly smelling the roses, but as close as we are going to get today! LOL
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My boy

He is so sweet. He did ask, MOM!, why do I have to wear Ani's hat??? Cause I said, and it is cold!
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My girl

O.k. so it is a little hard to tell it is her all bundled up, but she is pretty darn cute. Funny, but she has been wearing these snow pants for three winters!
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Ruston is not my dare devil, but he was having a blast! He didn't miss a beat and loved the doughnuts!
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Yea, she is lovin every minute of this!
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Dad and daughter

Doing doughnuts in the road. Yep, he got the look - don't hurt my baby! They were having a blast. BIG ear to ear grins on both of them.
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Still three frozen people!

With Dad this time!
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A view down towards the river

It is a beautiful view from the dock.
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Not a ski day

Glad I am not a duck!
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Three frozen people!

We have been outside playing for a long time. Now we are frozen!
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Snow DAY!

It is beautiful today. Of course, we have seen snow before, but this is a beautiful snow. At least 8 inches of snow and with all the trees and water, just an amazing sight. I have taken a bunch of pictures - hopefully you wont be bored with them! Oh, there are pictures of the kids playing too!
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