Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas

You thought I was never coming back didn't you! Well to say the least the last couple of months have been very busy. I accepted a promotion at work, and I am enjoying my new position. But as with any new job, it has required a lot of my attention. Ruston has been pretty sick lately. Over the last two months he has been sick more than well. He is on anitbiotics once again. This time for Strep throat. Fortunately, Ani has done well. She has remained well and is doing great in school. She is now reading stories to us. We are really proud of her. Virgel is hanging in there. With the hours I have worked and Ruston being sick he has had his hands full. He does manage to escape to his favorite room whenever possible! The kids are very excited about Christmas coming and Ruston knows that Santa is bringing him presents!. We are all home today, as a result of the ice storm that hit us last night. With the temperatures the snow and ice we have now isn't going anywhere, so a white Christmas for us.

We miss you all and hope to see you all soon. Take care and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I hope to blog more frequently in the coming year!!! ;)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Pagent

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What would be Christmas without a Christmas concert. The elementary class put on a concert and Ani had a great time. She did a really good job and knew all the words to the songs. I was surprised at how many songs they sang.

Christmas songs

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Ani got to play the bells for the class songs.

Christmas Cookies

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Ani and I were making cookies for her Christmas party. She rolled out the cookie dough, made the cookie shapes, and helped decorate them. She is such a big girl.


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Ani likes squishing the dough the best!


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We don't go too far without Ruston playing with a train. He has a train table in his room, but he really liked having it in the living room. He played with this little track for hours! (Yes, it was cold outside)

My choo choo

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Ruston LOVES his trains.


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Ani is putting up her icicles. I know if Mom could see the kids putting these up, she would have a huge smile!


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Ani loves the tree. Picking it out, decorating it, and looking at it. This is the first year that Dad has even helped out!


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Mom use to make beaded ornaments with us when we were little. We made icicles and hung them all over the tree. I still have a lot of them and they are still the last ornaments that I put on the tree. Ruston helped me put them on the tree this year. He doesn't know it, but he grapped a piece of my childhood, my heart and my memories all in that on little beaded icicle.

Our tree.

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I have a new helper with the tree. Ani loved helping me decorate the tree this year. Of course, what Ani does, Ruston is not far behind.

Ready, Aim

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My Turn!

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Oh, boy! I don't think I was ready for this. Dad on the other hand has been waiting for this for a long time. Finally, Dad has one of his babies old enough to shoot his guns with. Ani was just as excited. She did very good at listening, not so good at hitting the target, but I am sure Dad will work on that! I know that Papaw would have loved to have seen this.

Too cute

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Army toys, I guess I better get use to this!

Army dude

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Having fun at Aunt Alicia's house and playing with all of Dakota's cool toys!

A pirate and a mermaid

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Time for trick or treating. We didn't go far, just down to mamaw's house and back, but it was just enough.