Sunday, August 17, 2008

Through my Children's Eyes

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With work, house cleaning, dinner, and day to day life it is easy to forget to stop and remember to look at life through my children's eyes. I love taking pictures of the kids all the time, fortunately, I happen across a few like these that help me remember!

They call me Mr. Blue

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They decided they needed to lay in our bed and watch TV. How cute is that.

Cake time

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Ani wanted to make a cake and of course, they had to do it together. Ani is so funny. She is always showing Ruston how to do stuff. She explained to Ruston what we had to do each step. She was helping him stir.


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These two are inseparable. They just don't know what to do when the other one isn't around. They were sitting in the basket watching sponge bob.


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What is more fun than playing in a million bubbles first thing in the morning. According to Ruston - nothing. He loved it. When the rest of the kids finally rolled out of bed it took them a while to think the bubbles would be fun.

Growing up

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I can't believe how big Tobias has gotten. He is 4 years old now and getting bigger every day. He sure did miss his big sister while she was with us for two weeks.

Monkey see. . .

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Ani and Syrina had so much fun playing together during Syrina's two week visit. When we went school clothes shopping they had to have Hannah Montana shirts, of course they had to match!

A frog

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Aunt Stacee caught a Frog! What fun. Ruston would touch it then laugh so hard. Too fun.


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A first visit from Opa. I ended up on night shift, but was able to stay up some after I came home from work to visit.


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Her first day of school. She has been so excited. Asking when and how many more days. They declared it Ani day at daycare the day before since it was her last day. They did what ever Ani wanted to do. She wanted cake, they made her a cake. Boy is she spoiled. When it was time to go, she walked into the room and threw open her arms and said, o.k. who wants a hug! I think we have created a monster! So we are off. I went to work late so I could take her to school this morning. She asked for two ponytails in her hair so it would be cute. Did I mention, monster?!

On her way

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At this point, I thought I might cry, she knew where to go and she certainly didn't need her Mommy! What a big girl. We went to the open house the night before and she went to her class saw her teacher. She was pretty excited.

Going to class

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It was time to go into her class room and the waterworks had already started. They had all of the students wait outside of the class rooms in the morning and I waited with her. I really think this was the down fall. It was loud, and a lot of kids, parents, etc. It was a little overwhelming. She didn't want Mommy to leave.

Total Meltdown

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She lost it. We didn't make it more than 5 steps past the last picture when she started totally lost it. She went absolutely hysterical. Crying and at one point screamed when another teacher touched her. We finally made it into the class room and I tried to distract her with the stuff in the room. Didn't work. So you ask, how were the other kids? Quietly sitting at their desk playing with puzzles. She was saying I am too young to stay here. I am little to stay. I don't want to learn to read. I want to go back to day care. I don't want to stay here. All in all it was one of her best Dramatic moments - ever. It was pitiful. She even sat down on my foot and held on to my leg and said Mommy don't leave me. Now as a Mom you have a couple options, breakdown and cry, get mad, or laugh. It was so over the top, I choose to laugh. I know that sounds mean, but it was just soooo pitiful. Seriously - look at that face. I finally had to have a teacher pull her off of me and drag her back into the class room. Two minutes later she was just fine and playing. When Mamaw picked her up she was full of smiles. I knew she would be fine. I just had to make her let go. Some day she will have to teach me the same. . . .