Monday, August 14, 2006

Calm - Bay and Near Shore Waters

It was a beautiful day. The water was forcast to be calm for bayside (the west side of the keys) and only 1-2 foot seas for the ocean side. So, off we went. The water was GREAT. We met with some friends of ours, Joe and Virgina (more importantly the parents of BRAD!) and headed off to Ness Key. Ani kept a close watch out of the window in the cabin to make sure Brad's boat was still in front of us. Another couple, Jeff and Tracey met us there, too. Ness Key is small island on the bayside that has great sandy beaches. It took about 20 minutes to get there and we stayed for over 5 hours. We all had a great time. It was Ruston's first dip in the ocean. He really likes it. Ani loves it. She got a little pink on her face. Believe it or not this is the closest she has ever been to being sunburned! Posted by Picasa

What a view

This is the view from Ness Key looking out into the water. It is amazingly beautiful here. We are truely blessed to have the opportunity to actually live in such an amazing place. Posted by Picasa

Sea Fox

You asked for a picture of our new boat, so here it is. We are anchored off of Ness Key. Posted by Picasa


Ani was a little too quiet in her room, then we hear her yell, DAAAAD, HELP. He walked in her room to find her holding her sucker stick at her hair. Unfortunately, the sucker was still on the stick! This brought back so many memories of gum in my hair and my sisters. Some how she would go to sleep with gum in her mouth and it would end up in my hair! Oh, life is so unfair!! :) Posted by Picasa

Gummy Smiles

First smiles are the most beautiful. It melts my heart when Ruston just looks at me and makes a big beautiful smile. I love being a mom! I weighed him on August 10th. He weighed 12 1/2 pounds - at 6 weeks. Holly cow he is going to be a big boy!Posted by Picasa


Ani loves to get her blanket and pillow and lay in the floor and watch TV. She has to be close to him all the time so she moved right next to him, even though the TV is behind her! It is amazing to see how much she loves her brother. He loves her too. He has to with as many kisses as she gives him in one day! It is a beautiful gift to receive as a parent. Posted by Picasa