Monday, August 21, 2006

Chocolate in a box?

O.k. an explaination is needed. My little princess has become obsessed with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I have seen it WAY too many times. She says Momma, Chocolate PLEEEESEEEEE. Yesterday, Virgel cleaned out this storage box, which Ani decided was great to play in. She can fit inside completely and put the lid on! So what could be a better idea in a beautiful 3 year old's mind? Watch Chocolate in the box. A bowl of popcorn on the side makes it even better! Posted by Picasa


The kids were resting in the cabin on the back to the house. Ani takes such good care of her brother. Posted by Picasa

A day on the boat

Ani posing for her picture on our way to Ness Key. The funny looking 'spots' on her face is cheese from her favorite snack - Cheetos! Posted by Picasa
This is Ani on the way back! Isn't it amazing what 4 hours in the sun and ocean can do to a 3 year old! We headed back when Ani looked at me and said "Momma, we go home?" Posted by Picasa

Grins for Daddy

He had fun sitting with Daddy. He had lots of grins to share! By the way, his outfit is a size 3-6 months! Yikes. Time to go shopping. . . . Posted by Picasa

Happy Boy

Ruston is smiling and cooing a lot these days. He was sitting in his bouncy chair and starting "talking". Ani always says, "Momma, he's talking for me!" Posted by Picasa