Monday, November 05, 2007

family fun

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As you can see Ruston was fully aware the good stuff was in that bag!


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An astronaut, superman, and little red riding hood

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Trick or treat

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The kids had a great time. We went to trick or treat at our old neighborhood. It was a load of fun. Ruston figured it out quickly. If I tried to take the bag away from him he would pull it away and yell NO, MINE! Did I mention he is starting to talk!

Yup, I still love him

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We have been married for 13 years, have lived in 6 states together, bought three houses, sold two houses, graduated college together, have two beautiful children, had a few bumps, learned a lot, and fortunately I love him more today than ever before. I hope for another 50!

My fisher girl

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We found a great spot to fish where we actually caught a fish within about 10 seconds of putting a hook in the water. Ani was so excited to catch a fish. She just didn't want to touch it!

At the island

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Brad and Ani wore themselves out playing in the water.

Paddling out

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We were heading out of the canal out into the ocean in the kayaks.

Kayak trip

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Well we were visited by a the only tropical storm. Once it was finally gone and the winds died down, Virginia and I were able to get out in the Kayaks for a short trip. It was awesome. We went out as the sun was coming up and paddled through the kayaks. It was a great way to end our trip. Thanks for getting the boats out for us Joe!


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Me and my boy

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I just love my son. We had so much fun an island at Card Sound. He just didn't like having ANY sand on his feet. As long as he was on the blanket he was just fine and loved playing. What a cute sweet boy.


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Ruston was so cute. He climbed up in this chair and was ready for another boat ride. He is such a parrot. He will repeat anything you say or do.

The other great fisherman

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We didn't eat this one, the great fisherman had to send this one back to grow a little bit more!

My cute little bug

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Ruston loves the boat. He wasn't afraid of it at all.

Nice Joe

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Real nice Joe. Now everyone gets to see the real you!

The great fisher man

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We didn't catch dinner on this trip, but the guys did the next day!

My babies

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Babies on the boat. We had a great day. Ani and Ruston love being on the boat.


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After living in Florida all that time I always wanted to see a Manatee in the wild and never did. We went for a short boat ride earlier in the day and I briefly saw one. We stopped and waited to see it again, but never did. After we made it back to the dock and Virgel yelled at me in the house. This manatee came right up to Joe and Virginia's dock. It was so awesome. Yeah! I was so excited. Ani and Brad loved it. Brad called it a sea cow.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Vacation to Key Largo

We have made it back home. We had a fantastic time. We went out on the boat, Virgel went fishing and caught another shark and dinner. We went to Disney World. A tropical storm came to visit, a manatee came to the dock - way awesome. We saw dolphins out in the ocean, and we were able to spend a lot of time visiting with great friends. All in all it was a great trip. I will post pictures in a couple of sets so keep looking!

Happy Birthday Virginia!

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Virginia's birthday was actually in August, but we had her party the Saturday we got to Key Largo. It was at Gilberts which is a little place on the water. We had a great time.

It is GREAT to see you!

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To say that Tracy ( the one in the white) has been through a lot since we left is an understatement. Believe it or not she recently had brain surgery. Tracey your strength and fight are an inspiration to all your friends! It was awesome to see you and to see you doing so well! Love ya girl - and great party!

Dancing time

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We had awesome weather, so the party headed out side. Gilbert's always has a live band playing at night so. . . . with help from a little adult beverages, dancing followed. O.k. so this is a nice picture. . .

A day - almost on the boat

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We headed out for a day on the boat, but we didn't get far. Fortunately, Joe and Virginia's boat has two motors, so when one stopped we were still able to get back to the dock. We weren't even five minutes away. We figured out, a couple days later water was in the fuel tank. Virgel and Joe did an awesome job fixing the boat so we were able to go out later on in the week.

Disney World!!

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Virginia and I took the kids to Disney World. We had a blast. We were there for just one day and it was enough for all of us. We got there around 10 in the morning and closed the park. The park was decorated in these really cool pumpkins and giant one in the front of the park. It was really neat. The weather was cool and a little rainy, but we stayed out of the little bit of rain that we had and the park was empty. We walked on all the rides. The kids asked, can we go again - so we did. It was a lot of fun!

Dreams come true

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They were so excited to see each other again

What a day!

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They were totally worn out by the time I took this picture. Ani got that hat early in the morning and I could not get it off of her head. She wore it for the next THREE days. Even on the boat!


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This is what closing the park looks like for Brad!


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This is what closing the park at Disney looks like for Ani

Our day at the pumpkin patch

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I have never been to a pumpkin patch before. I expected, well pumpkins. Boy, was I wrong. There was so much more than pumpkins. There was tons of stuff for the kids to do. The Last thing we did that day was actually pick the pumpkins. There were 15 kids from Ani's school that went. It was tough keeping up with everyone, but they all had a really good time!

Super slide

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Ani loved the super slide! All the kids took turns going down.


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Now this was something Ruston could really get into! They had a sand area with all kinds of tractors and stuff for the kids to play with. It was a good spot for the kids to play and the grown ups to rest!


Tractors!.JPG, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

Yup, lots of tractors.

My babies

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There is nothing that makes me happier than getting to go on these field trips with Ani. I have so much fun spending the day with her and her friends.

The search!

Each one of the kids got to pick there very own. The boys who decided they needed a bigger one were a little sad about it by the time we had walked all the way back to the cars and they were still carrying that big pumpkin!

Ani's perfect pumpkin

the perfect pumpkin.JPG, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

It was fun watching the kids get off the hay ride and go for their very own pumpkin. They all had in mind exactly what they wanted. Some wanted big ones, some wanted little ones, some orange ones, some with green. This was Ani's perfect pumpkin. She was soooo very pround of it. She slept with it for three nights!

basket fun

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I was having 'fun' doing laundry while the kids were having fun playing in the basket. Such simple things make them happy. I remember doing the exact same thing when I was there age, some things will never change. Thank goodness for that!