Friday, February 15, 2008

More snow

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Mamaw watch the kids for us and we got a lot of snow, about 7 inches. She had planned on going to her house (4 houses down from ours) in the afternoon, but didn't make it. Unfortunately, she had already promised the kids they could go outside in the snow. So, when we go home, they were ready to play. It was late and the sun didn't last long, but they still had fun. Ruston likes putting his hands in the snow as long as he has his gloves on.

Well, it is a car

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Maybe Santa should have brought the blue one! Ani does like her pink Barbi VW, but not as much as Ruston like to push it around the house!

All by herself

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That is a theme of Ani's lately. Believe it or not it was about 6 degrees outside on the day she put this on.

Welcome home Daddy

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Virgel had to go on a trip for a week and Ani had the idea to make him a cake for when he came home. She decorated all by herself!

Is it Ruston or Godzilla??

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Well as far as Thomas the train is concerned, it is Godzilla. He was pretty proud of himself!

Train fun

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Ruston loves playing with his train set in his room. Well, let me rephrase that. We put the train together, and he loves tearing it apart!! Ani and As you can see, Ruston are never far from each other.

Daddy's hat

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Ruston had a lot of fun playing with Daddy''s hat the other night. The bad part is, he knows he is cute!