Sunday, October 12, 2008


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Ruston actually pulled Ani over closer to him and kept his arm around her while they watched a movie last night. They are really lost without each other.


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I am so glad these two get along like they do. I just pray it lasts through out their lives!

Take my picture

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When I took Ruston's picture Ani wanted me to her picture. She is such a pretty girl.


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Ani decided that Ruston needed to be a pirate today. Amazingly he tolerated it. Pretty cute huh!

Piano Man

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Play it Ruston! Of course, the fingers are in his mouth!!

Sally walker

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They played a couple of games in the beginning. One was sally walker. As you can see, Ani really likes it. Unfortunately, this didn't last long. The college girls ran the camp like a real camp, no breaks or down time. Ani became too tired and wanted to go home, so after an hour and a half we left. It was too bad because she would have enjoyed the game, but there is always next year.

Cheercamp 2

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Peru State college had a cheer camp on a Saturday for 4 year olds through 12 year olds. After a morning of practice the kids were going to perform at the college game. Ani was excited to get to cheer again. So, off we go. She listened and did what they said, but she didn't want me to leave. Even with 4 year olds there, she was still one of the smallest!

Best dressed

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She may not be the fastest, but she is cute! It didn't take too long to loose the sweater.

Soccer Time!

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Ani is playing soccer this year. Of course, she is the littlest one on the field. She is the best dressed one too. We tried to tell her to wear, shorts, T-shirt, but she thought what she had on what better! She is a girl through and through!

Go, Go, GO!

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We don't watch sports at all, but when we were watching the scrimmage game, this little guy picked up the spirit of things by yelling, GOOOO! Virgel's mom was standing at the top rail of the bleachers and thought it was another guy yelling he was yelling so loud!! Boy do we have our hands full!

Bulldog Power!

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When I say bulldog you say Power. As you can see - she got this one!!!

Who rocks the house?

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The bulldogs rock the house, they rock it all the way down! She really likes this one. Of course, she doesn't have nearly as far to go to get to ground as the other kids!


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"Mom, Girls are cheerleaders, so I am going to be a cheerleader!" It makes perfect sense, so how am I suppose to argue with it. They had a cheercamp at the high school. K- 5 practiced for a couple of hours on a Friday afternoon and then performed the following Friday at the high school scrimmage game. She had SO much fun. She practiced the cheers all week and could not wait for the game.

Good Morning Ruston!

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Doesn't he look so grown up. I tried to get a picture without the Poptart and juice, but he wasn't having any part of it. It is getting pretty cool here in the mornings so the kids have been wearing jeans to school. When I put these on him, he looked so grown up I couldn't believe it. Time is going by so fast!