Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's gone, really gone

After all of these months the snow is finally gone. We have had a couple of days in the 60's and snow gave up its grip and melted. Even better, we might actually get a drive way tomorrow! No more mud. For those of you that don't know most of our drive way was poured before we moved in, but our road wasn't finished, so neither was our driveway. Our road was finished a day or two before the first snow and well - it has been frozen ever since. Well, mostly. When it got above freezing the yard just turned into a giant muddy mess. So, hopefully, if it doesn't rain, no no more mud. Of course, the next task is getting some grass! With the couple of days of 60 degree weather the kids have loved being outside. It is amazing how good 60 degrees and sunshine can feel. So, hopefully, the 70% chance of snow for this weekend doesn't happen!!!!