Sunday, March 23, 2008


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He will do exactly what Ani does, or at least try. So when she went for the big slide so did he. He laughed all the way down. I wish we could have let them play longer, but he has been so sick that we were afraid to let him get too cold! We are starting to see his true little temper and it came out again when we left the park!!
We hope you all had a Great Easter. Miss you and love you all!

A few minutes at the park

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We played at the park for a little while. We were hoping that the wind wouldn't blow, but it was so we didn't stay long. They both enjoyed the slide and were not happy when we made them leave. After all, it was only 40 degrees!!!


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at least for 30 seconds, then she crashed and that was the last of riding this scooter in the house. This one could make a mess of the floor! We let her ride it in the garage and in just a few minutes she got the hand of it. No riding without the helment, though!

What is in those baskets??

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Ani made sure to find out everything that was in the baskets and was pretty happy to find the M&Ms on the bottom!!

The Easter Bunny came!

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Ani woke us up and told us the Easter Bunny had come while she was sleeping. More importantly, he brought them scooters. Ruston grabbed his right away and started pushing it around. We tried to get him to ride it, but he seemed to like pushing it this way the best for now!


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The kids had lots of fun decorating the eggs this year. Ani was obviously dressed up as Snow White for the day. We made it through without too much color on things other than the eggs!

Peak a boo

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Ruston was hiding in our closet from Virgel when he told him it was time to take a shower.