Friday, July 17, 2009

Omaha Zoo

Virgel made a road trip to pick up his Mom, so I took the kids to the zoo. Ani had told us that was something that you had to do on summer vacation! Where does she come up with this stuff? We had fun, and I was worn out. The zoo is really big and we didn't make through all of it. Of course, they got to ride in the wagon while pulled them up and down the hills. Ani said we can go back tomorrow to see the rest. . . .maybe not!
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For some reason, Ruston loves giraffes. He has a little stuffed one he sleeps with, so he was very excited to see this "really big giraffe"! It was so close to the side the kids really enjoyed seeing him.
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One of the favorite parts!

They love the aquarium. They have so many sharks in there. Ani just keep jumping and yelling another SHARK!!!!
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