Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm BACK!!!!

Well, Just when you thought I was never coming back, I am here. For those of you who still don't know, we have landed in Auburn, NEBRASKA!! Yep, Nebraska. We are slowly adjusting. Weather is a little different, but it is o.k. We already miss the water in Florida and we are trying to decide when we will be heading back for a visit. For now we are staying in a small two bedroom apartment, until July. Our house will be finished by then. For now all of our things are in storage, which is why I haven't updated this blog in so long. The computer was supposed to stay off of the truck and go with us, it didn't. It gave us a good excuse to buy a new computer. It is a MAC! I never thought I would own a Mac. I guess the commercials worked.

So our trip here. We planned to leave Florida on a Tuesday, we didn't leave until Friday! One day delay was due to an extra day of fishing for Virgel. It was a good thing. A friend took a day of vacation and they spent the day on the water. We had an excellent fish dinner and a wonderful evening with our friends, Joe, Virginia, and Brad. The first day was a long one - 15 hours on the road. We stopped in Pennsacola and spent the night at a friends house. The next morning we headed the rest of the way to Mississippi. 6 hours later we arrived at another friends house, Benita's and Courtney's. It was great seeing them. Ani and Courtney were happy to see each other. They got to hunt Easter eggs together. We spent Easter there and headed to Arkansas the next day. We stayed in Arkansas just two nights with Virgel's parents. We were able to see my cousin Denise and her family for dinner one night and spend a little time visiting Virgel's sister Alicia. Then it was time to make the final drive to Nebraska. It is about 8 hours from Arkansas. I was lucky enough to catch a little bit of time with my little brother, Bobby. I haven't been able to see him for almost 2 years. We were just able to have breakfast together, but I was happy for the time. So a full week after we left Florida and 2,000 miles later, we have made it.
For those of you that we did not get to see on our trip, we are sorry. On our stops we didn't do much but sleep, let the kids sleep, and stay our of the cars as much as possible. I hope you all understand. We will be back!

Virgel and I have started our jobs and we are getting settled in. Progress on the house is slow, but moving forward. Ani and Ruston are doing well in their new school. Ani really misses her friends and teachers in Florida. Hopefully we will see everyone soon.

We miss you all. As soon as I figure out this computer and can download pictures I will post some new ones. Be patient. . . .