Monday, April 02, 2007

Our new home!

Well this is our new home. It is not finished yet, but it is brand new and we will be able to move in by the end of June. I get to pick out a lot of the stuff in side the house like colors, tile and flooring. We are pretty excited about it. This will be my last blog until we are settled in our apartment (staying in an apartment until we can move in our house - it is in town and above the movie theater! Pop corn anyone??). It is moving day today, so I better get moving!
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Happy Birthday Ani!

My little girl is 4! We had a party last weekend at the community pool. It turned out great. We had a lot of her friends from school come and play in the pool. I have a lot more pictures, just not enough time to post them now. Hopefully, I can post them once we get moved. She had a ton of wonderful presents. We swam first until all of the kids turned blue, then we headed in for cake and ice cream. This could have been a mistake! The kids were all a little tired and fussy, but they had a great time! Happy Birthday baby!
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Good bye FIN II

This is the group that I hired when we first moved down here. They have really made my time here a joy. I could not have found a better group of people to work for me or support me and they have all become my friends. We have tried to get together for the last year and finally, we did it. We were missing two of the team that transferred to another plant and also missing from the photo is Silvio, pictured above with his wife. We had a absolute ton of food, thanks for cooking Kirk and Victor! We tried to play a little Cranium, but may have had a little too much spirits for that game! Thanks for coming guys, it was great!
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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ruston says good bye too!

Mrs. Rita, Mrs. Carol, and Mrs. Carman took wonderful care of Ruston. He was taking a good nap when we woke him up, but as you can see when his favorite teacher, Carman held him he was a happy little man. They made such a great bond. Ruston didn't like taking a bottle for a long, long time. Carman was the only one that could consistently get him to take the bottle. We all cried when we left. It has been a true blessing having such wonderful loving people take care of our children. We are going to miss you all so very much.
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We will miss you KLC!

We brought a cake in for Ani's last day at school. All the kids had a good time and enjoyed the cake. We have been truely blessed to find such a wonderful place for our children. I always knew they were in good hands and dearly loved. I hope that their new school is as wonderful.
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