Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A day on the water

Geoff and Gail, we enjoyed your company. . .
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Monday, May 09, 2011

Warm weather. . .thoughts of summer

I live for summer. I thought I was perfectly fine without winter until we lived in Key Largo and realized that I missed cold weather around Christmas. Actually, that is the only time I really want it cold. The warmer weather has found us, with a roar. The worst storms and tornadoes recorded. Note, to all: if they say "long track tornadoes" run! WOW! There were countless F1 and F2 tornadoes, over 10 F3, 8 F4 and 2 F5 in one night. One F5 is enough to shake any area. We were under a tornado warning for over 5 hours. Not anything I wish to repeat. When I heard roof damage occurred at the school building next to Ani's during school, my stomach hit my throat and I was done for the day. Knowing my babies were home safe with Dad, late in the night I did go back to the plant. The worst transmission grid damage this area has ever seen. What can I say, I am constantly torn between my love of my family and job. I am blessed with a husband that helps distribute the burden well. Without him I would be lost.

We are looking forward to days on the boat and on our dock. How we have dreamed of that. Watching the kids run and play on our dock, jump in the water and be the fish they were born to be. Share the summer days with good friends, ending up a little sun burned makes all the long days and short nights well worth the fight.

Ani is itching to put the water ski back on (so am I). She will win, that water is still a bit cold. I have proof, Ruston turned blue at least three times on Sunday. His criteria for getting back in the water, "am I still blue?"

June 11 I have been waiting for, a family reunion with happiness to share. Making sure that our family continues to stay together. I can't wait to see those kids. It just amazes me to see them all running and playing together, just as we did. Pulling the same silly stunts, thinking no one is going to notice. Ha, kids - we know! We already did it!!!

To summer, sun, boating, water, family, friends, hard work, love, friendship, and the journey that never ends.
Happy summer!