Saturday, January 20, 2007

Happy New Year!

One of the neat things about where we live is the big Hilton hotel and restaurants across the street put on a great fireworks show for New Years. Our subdivision fills up with cars that drive down to see it. All we have to do it walk out our front door. The show is about 20 minutes and is beautiful. The best part is we don't have to get out and drive or fight traffic! I hope everyone had a safe holiday! Posted by Picasa

Last room!

Well, since the house was already a mess, we decided to spend the New Year's weekend redoing our room. Finally, all of the nasty carpet is out of the house. That only took a year! Ani was a big helper! The pieces of flooring were just about as big as her. She was so proud of herself. "Look Momma. Look what I did!" Posted by Picasa

Ahh, to fall asleep anywhere any time

Is he just adorable. The swing doesn't work anymore - I guess three months of him sleeping in it all night with it moving was enough. Fortunately he is now sleeping well in his bed. We put him in his swing to sit up and play since he wasn't sitting up by himself yet. After a couple of little fusses this is how he ended up! Too cute! Posted by Picasa