Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm gettin' big!

I can't believe Ruston is almost 4 months old already. He is getting close to sitting up by himself. The funniest thing is - he can't laugh! I am not kidding. You tickle him and he gets all tensed up and just grunts! We are going to have to video him because one day he just wont believe he didn't laugh!!! Posted by Picasa

Grecian Rocks

is a reef about 2 miles off shore. It is beautiful. The reef is very close to the surface so you can snorkle and see everything. We went a couple of weekends ago when the weather was great. The kids both fell asleep so Virgel and I spent the day taking turns snorkling out at the reef. We saw a lot of beautiful fish. Virgel saw a Hogfish (very good to eat) I saw a beautiful, huge angel fish. Now I want an underwater camera - I guess we will have to talk to Santa about that one! Posted by Picasa