Saturday, July 05, 2008

Look who's two!

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Yep, our little boy is two years old. It is hard to believe two years has gone by already. He is a good little man and does so much and says so much for a two year old. Of, course he has entered those terrible twos, but we expected that. He is a total boy, he loves trains, cars, balls, and digging in the dirt. He is at the 90th percentile for his height and still getting taller. He is going to pass Ani up before we know it! Happy Birthday Little Man!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Train ride at the Lincoln Zoo

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We spent the day last Sunday at the Lincoln Children's Zoo. The train ride was actually the last thing we did and the kids were pretty hot and worn out by this time, but it was a fun day. I am glad we had a chance to go and get away from the house for a day.


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Pretty as a peacock - This peacock was just sitting next to the walk way, waiting for a picture. It started squawking when we walked away. Boy are they loud!


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The kids loved the butterflies. They were everywhere. The kids were good about sitting still and watching them.

pony ride

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Ani - the one who is scared to death of dogs and cats, even Aunt Sharon's little bitty dog wanted to ride a pony like the other kids. I just knew when we got up to them she was going to change her mind. Boy was I wrong. They had three ponies to choose from. Ani picked the BIGGEST one! Yep the biggest one. As you can see, she wasn't scared at all and loved the ride. What a big girl!