Saturday, September 23, 2006

Our Big Trip

Well, this is where we started. The Fort Lauderdale Airport. We got to the airport in plenty of time, at least for this leg. We started the trip with 4 bags and 2 car seats in the checked lugage and just Ruston's diaper bag as a carry on. We debated on the stroller and decieded it would probably be a good idea. A decision that proved correct. Ani was excited about getting on the plane. I was anxious about Ruston on the plane. You never want to be that mom with the baby the screams the entire flight. We had two flights to get us to Little Rock and both of the kids did GREAT! We were a little worried. Ani couldn't wait to get into the sky. The plane started to go down the run way and she laughed and smiled. As soon as we got into the air there was a little turbulance. Ani said, "I don't want to fly anymore!" Virgel and I just looked at each other and thought oh boy. But a couple of minutes later she was fine and watched a movie. Ruston fell asleep before take off and slept most of the flight. Yeah! The second leg Ani slept. We were delayed on the ground - after we boarded the plane - for about 45 minutes. It seemed a lot longer. We finally made it to Little Rock and Virgel's mom was there waiting. One flight down, two more to go. . . Posted by Picasa

I'm ready to fly!

Waiting to get on the plane! He was wide awake and happy. Posted by Picasa

Saturday night

On Saturday night we had dinner with Uncle Richard and Aunt Sharon at a great little restuarant in Dardanelle. The kids did really well through dinner. It is always a guess with two little ones if you will actually get to eat or not. Ruston fussed a little, but Aunt Sharon held him for a little while so I could eat. Extra hands are great! Thanks again for dinner. . . Posted by Picasa

After Dinner fun

After we had dinner we went back to Aunt Sharon's and Uncle Richard's house to visit. They had a blast playing with both of the kids. Ani just loves her Uncle Richard! They are so lucky to have them in their lives and know them. We love you guys! Posted by Picasa

Aunt Alicia and Uncle Jim

and Dakota came up to Mamaw and Papaw's house on Sunday to visit. Aunt Alicia LOVES to hold those babies. That is until they start to cry. She hands them back to me pretty fast! Posted by Picasa

Everyone had a nice day . .

visiting. Everyone stayed outside a good bit. Virgel, Jim, and Papaw headed to Lowes to buy a new grill. It was pre-assembled so we thought there would be no troubles. It took about 15 minutes to figure out how to light the silly thing! Good thing we figured it out or we would have had sandwiches instead of steaks for dinner. Ani is pretty sure she is a Queen and Mamaw and Papaw's. I think she got that idea since she is waited on hand and foot. Ruston was a little fussy, but Papaw kept him content and even put him to sleep riding him around in his electric wheel chair. Ani felt a little left out so Papaw made room for her too. Jim and Virgel had their work cut out for them trying to start a little go cart that Mamaw won from the grocery store a couple of years ago. They spent about 2 hours working on it and Ani and Dakota rode it for about 15 minutes. Oh well, it kept the boys busy! Posted by Picasa

The Johnson County Fair

Ani had a blast! Aunt Alicia and Uncle Jim invited us to join them at the Johnson county fair on Thursday night. We weren't too sure how Ani would like it. She hasn't been a good one for little rides before. So we started out in the farm animal area. As usual, Ani loves seeing the animals, but in some cases they were a little TOO close. Daddy carried her through them. She liked the pigs, espically the baby ones. The like the chickens and bunnys, too. She really like the little horse. It was a minature one - just her size. Oh well, I guess not where to keep one here in Key Largo! After the animals we were off for the rides. Once she saw the giant slide she was ready to ride. I think Dad got to go down with her 3 times and I got to ride twice. She loved it. I was afraid once Daddy got her up there for the first time she was going to change her mind, but she didn't. As soon as they stopped at the bottom she said, " AGAIN DADDY!" with a giant grin. Somehow or another I was the one that got to ride in the little boats with her. The guy running the rides thought it was pretty funny too and asked me to put on my seat belt! Like that was going to fit! Virgel couldn't stop laughing. I decided to convice Ani she needed to ride the little motorcycle ride next to the boats with Daddy. This plan backfired. They wouldn't let any adults on the ride. So, not only did Virgel get out of it, but Ani was all upset she couldn't ride it. Way to go mom! Alicia got to ride the marry go 'round with her. She was pretty tired and Ruston was ready to call it quits too. It was a fun night. The best time being a parent is when you get to watch your babies have so much fun - it is the best ride of all! Posted by Picasa

more fair pics. . .

 Posted by Picasa

MORE fair pics. . .

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Back at the house

and ready for bed. Ani just loves to hold brother. It is going to be a sad day when he can say he doesn't want a hug! Posted by Picasa

I cleanin' momma

Ani found this broom on Mamaw and Papaw's back porch and kept herself busy sweeping. She was so proud of herself! Too, cute! Posted by Picasa

Oh the memories. . .

It seems like a million years ago when I learned how to skate. It was really fun getting these little bitty skates on Ani. They were so small the wheels almost touched! She loved it! Of course she never turned loose of me or Daddy when she had them on. The first time I took her on the skating rink we got all the way to the back when she decided she was done! I managed to convince her to skate back to the front before we took our break! Thanks Aunt Denise for inviting us to come along with Danielle! Posted by Picasa

Family Fun

On Sunday, we all got together at Uncle Richard's house. I am so glad everyone was able to make it. We had a house full. Aunt Sharon cooked ribs and we all brought stuff. The food was great. The kids all played together, swam in the pool, and ran around. Ani and her two little cousins Abby and Skyler had a lot of fun playing together. Abby and Skyler are two year old, but they are all pretty close in size, Posted by Picasa

Ring around the rosie

The three girls had a great time playing ring around the rosie. I am glad I had my camera close! Ani isn't much bigger, but she was playing the ring leader. She would get to the fall down part before the girls and then drag them down with her. Posted by Picasa

Too sweet

Ani and Skylar got along really well. I was hoping to catch a picture like this with all three of the girls, but they just would not hold still long enough. Posted by Picasa


I can assure you that a flight out of Little Rock at 6:30 in the morning is WAY too early when you have two little children. We made it, barely! We got to the airport only about 45 minutes before our flight left. At this point we acquired one more suitcase (I should have known to not go shopping!) and Ruston's swing. The little squirt just will not sleep without one. So the second day in Arkansas we had to go to Wal-Mart and get one. So, now we have 8 bags to check (one more than allowed) and an extra carry on (Mamaw gave Ani a backpack with wheels). Once we got to Baton Rouge we decided we needed to upgrade our rental car to an SUV. We couldn't have gotten all that crap into a mid-sized car! As soon as Ani and Courtney saw each other they remembered and hugged. It was really sweet. Courtney had to share her princess dresses right away. They had a great time playing together all week. Posted by Picasa

more visiting

Mamaw Naomi and Papaw Roger couldn't wait to see us. I was dreading the visit since they lived next to our old house. I knew I couldn't see them without seeing the house. I did pretty well though. It still feels like my house. I could have walked across the street and in the front door. Roger and Naomi couldn't love on the kids enough. Ani didn't warm up to them too fast, but she was getting awful tired. At this point we have been away from home for 1 1/2 weeks. That is a long time. Posted by Picasa

too much fun

We had dinner with Terrie Sandlin. She was so excited to see the babies. She is a new grandma and can't get enough of those hugs. Ani thinks she is adorable in my sunglasses. Who am I to argue. I should have known to bring hers along if I ever wanted to where mind. Ani and Courtney keep Cory (Courtney's big brother) busy. Posted by Picasa