Thursday, September 20, 2007

Going on a trip

Well next week I am heading out of town for a work trip. Fortunately, I am heading to Louisiana where I use to work. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again, even though that means I have to be away from home and my babies. Ani wants to type her name, ANI. O.k. she is happy now. Well, it is time to put to little ones to bed! See ya soon! Jodi

a day at the zoo

a day at the zoo, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

A day at the Omaha Zoo. We went with some new friends of ours John and Amy. They have two little girls McKinley, 5 and Regan, 1. Ani and Ruston get along with them amazingly. Ani told me that McKinley was her best friend - and Brad too! It wasn't too hot the day we went and we all had a great time.

ridin' on an elephant

ridin' on an elephant, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

Ani and Ruston riding on the elephant. Ruston had great time at the zoo. He growled at the animals all day!

elephant fun

elephant fun, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

Ani and her new friend McKinley had a great time. We couldn't resist taking a picture of them on the little elephant statue.

sleepin in my wagon

sleepin in my wagon, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

Well, not everyone was excited about the animals. Ruston held on as long as he could, but the dark areas of the aquarium were just too much. He was pretty comfy in his little red wagon.

amazing turtle

amazing turtle, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

The aquarium area has a tunnel you walk through. As we walked through this beautiful sea turtle swam over us. The kids wanted to stay in there forever.


octopus, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

Ani LOVES anything that is in the water. She loved looking at this octopus and watching it move around!

four gigglin little ones

four gigglin little ones, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

Ruston, Ani, McKinley, and Regan had a great time. The gorilla exhibits had windows that expanded into the area. They had so much fun laying in it. The next window we got to had a gorilla right underneath it! The kids loved it. There was one gorilla that was getting everyones attention by hitting the exhibit wall. There strength is amazing!

playing with the world

playing with the world, originally uploaded by jodifurr.

At the end of our day at the zoo, all the kids played with a giant granite globe that floats on a film of water. They enjoyed it and all of them ended up getting wet. We had to go buy them new clothes so we could go eat dinner!