Saturday, April 10, 2010

Partyville fun

Ani had her birthday party at Partyville. It is an indoor play place that a bunch of inflatables. With a bright sunny day no one was there, so we had it to ourselves. They had a great time!

Happy Birthday Princess.
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Happy Girl

The center of attention - makes for a happy, happy girl. Kidding aside, This is the smile I want to remember, true happiness.
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Best of Both Worlds

Ani wanted Hannaha Montana. She picked out the design and took of the toy, licked the icing, then put it on. Let the singing begin. "It's the best of both worlds. . ."
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Pizza! I am so happy that Ani has decided she likes Cheese Pizza! A whole new food. This is a big step in our family.
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Ruston is sad.

Ruston was so sad - he doesn't have a new bike. Poor little guy. ;(
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Ani' new bike

Her old bike was just getting a little too small. Mamaw bought her a new bike for her birthday. She was very happy. It is a Schwin! What a big girl. Next - the training wheels are coming off!
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Friday, April 09, 2010

Tons of Fun!

Nerf wars + ping pong + tickle wars + catch from the 2nd floor (!) + making cookies + drums + eating cookies = Lots and Lots of fun!!!
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We enjoyed an afternoon at a friends, Ken and Babette. Kids were running everywhere - too much fun!
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