Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Johnson County Fair

Ani had a blast! Aunt Alicia and Uncle Jim invited us to join them at the Johnson county fair on Thursday night. We weren't too sure how Ani would like it. She hasn't been a good one for little rides before. So we started out in the farm animal area. As usual, Ani loves seeing the animals, but in some cases they were a little TOO close. Daddy carried her through them. She liked the pigs, espically the baby ones. The like the chickens and bunnys, too. She really like the little horse. It was a minature one - just her size. Oh well, I guess not where to keep one here in Key Largo! After the animals we were off for the rides. Once she saw the giant slide she was ready to ride. I think Dad got to go down with her 3 times and I got to ride twice. She loved it. I was afraid once Daddy got her up there for the first time she was going to change her mind, but she didn't. As soon as they stopped at the bottom she said, " AGAIN DADDY!" with a giant grin. Somehow or another I was the one that got to ride in the little boats with her. The guy running the rides thought it was pretty funny too and asked me to put on my seat belt! Like that was going to fit! Virgel couldn't stop laughing. I decided to convice Ani she needed to ride the little motorcycle ride next to the boats with Daddy. This plan backfired. They wouldn't let any adults on the ride. So, not only did Virgel get out of it, but Ani was all upset she couldn't ride it. Way to go mom! Alicia got to ride the marry go 'round with her. She was pretty tired and Ruston was ready to call it quits too. It was a fun night. The best time being a parent is when you get to watch your babies have so much fun - it is the best ride of all! Posted by Picasa

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