Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Day 2

Day 2 and finishing up. It takes a while to finish our tree every year. 1500 lights and I have no idea how many ornaments. I keep thinking I will count, I still haven't. There are 100 beaded icicles that were from my Mom that go on every year. I have bought more ornaments every year, with our original tree being 13 feet tall I needed a lot! Now that it is 8 feet tall, the ornaments fill the tree much faster. They still all go on and I still buy more. Keeping the tradition my Mom started of buying the kids an ornament each year. I can tell you where they came from or who gave them to us. There is no theme to our tree. Our tree is a hodge podge of all types of ornaments they have meaning and memories. Maybe I will take pictures of them and make a scrapbook of them!? At least the most favorites, like the one I made when I was three that is still on the tree, or the glass ball that has a magnolia on it that was given to me by a very good friend in Mississippi, or the hand blown Santa that I brought home from the Supper Club Christmas dinner. The icicles are the most precious. I remember making these, and the other beaded ornaments, with Mom as a little girl each Christmas. She would make soooo many of them. She gave them away, sold them, and kept some. There are so few left, they are the last to go on the tree each year, the final touch, the moment to say Mom is still here with us to celebrate her favorite time of the year, so many many years later. This picture is the three of us, for the first time putting the icicles on together. We talked about how they were handmade by their Grandma. Hopefully, it will carry on with them.

Merry Christmas everyone.
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Beth said...

Wow Jodi, Great story about the ornaments and your mother. I am so happy for you and your family. Looks great!

furrfamily said...

Thanks, Beth. I love my tree. It is Christmas to me. No matter what changes in my life - it stays the same, a constant. Silly I guess. Merry Christmas to you and yours!