Sunday, November 28, 2010

MY House

I know I sold this house five years ago, and I am happy where we are, but this is MY HOUSE. I don't know why. Maybe because it is the longest I lived in a house. Maybe because it was my first house, maybe because I became a mother in this house, maybe because Virgel and I remodeled most of the house, including the amazing paint job - by hand. It told me it was the right house for me the moment I walked in it, and it feels like home the moment I put my put on the steps. It is hard to see it being neglected and unlived in. Essentially, the same as we left it, including my curtains still hanging. She has stood for over 150 years, and the last five are the only ones that have not had a family living there. Hopefully, that will change, she will get another lease on life and someone will love her as much as I do and sit on my porch swing and rock their babies to sleep.
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